1) Is Lecoq Cuisine a French or an American company?

We are a French owned company based in Bridgeport, Connecticut

2) Are your pastries Kosher? 

Yes the chocolate croissants and the danishes are certified Kosher Dairy by OK Kosher. The classic plain croissants are not.

3) How was the Croissant created ?

Legend says that in 1683, when Ottoman troops were besieging Vienna, the early-rising bakers heard the troops tunneling into the city and sounded the alarm, which allowed the Christian forces to defeat the Ottomans. To honor the victory, the bakers created a pastry in the shape of the crescent on the Ottoman flag.

4) Do baking times vary?

Yes, depending on your oven type. All boxes come with baking instructions with tips on baking adjustments. Refer to our baking instructions tab for more details.

5) Do your pastries contain any allergens?

All our pastries contain wheat, dairy, eggs, and are produced in a facility that also processes tree nuts.

None of our ingredients contain fish, shellfish, or soy. All pastries are produced at our Peanut-Free manufacturing facility.

6) Is Lecoq Cuisine at Home available in stores?

Soon! If you are interested in selling these in your store please contact us at: onlinestore@lecoqcuisine.com

7) Can I send my order as a gift?

Yes! When checking out use their shipping address. You can also include a personalized note when checking out.

8) How are your pastries different from other companies?

We only use the highest quality ingredients that are expertly curated by Pastry Chef and founder Eric Lecoq and his team.

All of the Lecoq Cuisine at Home products contain 0gr of Trans Fat and are produced using rBST free milk and 100% real butter. We also only use Clean Label ingredients so you can feel good about choosing our pastries.

9) Where do we ship?

We currently only ship to the 48 contiguous US States.